20.11.2011 – 20.11.2016

2016-11-19 23.44.16

happy 5th years anniversary for both of us <3

2016-11-19 23.47.31

Japanese cotton cheesecake

2016-11-20 15.01.02

kebetulan on Sunday, so kita masakkan dory masak nyonya fav mr.husband 🙂  for lunch..

2016-11-20 21.50.38

sebab malam ni ada gegar vaganza, maka kita celebrate kat rumah je la. makan sambil layan gegar vaganza hehee..

2016-11-20 21.49.37

grilled lamb chop with potato, spaghetti aglio olio and salad

may the sunshine of happiness always break out from the cloud of misunderstanding , to form a rainbow of love in our timeless marriage,

Happy anniversary LOVE


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