Me Myself & I



Nieja Muhaimi


Kelate + Ganu + Shah Alam

SAL College, Senai Johor (jun’04 – dec’06)
Diploma in Hotel Catering & Management

MSU, Shah Alam (mac’07 – feb’10)
Bachelor in Hospitality Management & Tourism


im juz a simple girl..epi go lucky..sensitive..emotional sumtimes..cheerful..friendly..i smile most of the time.It’s hard to find me sad eventho i am in trouble or having probs..I love hearing and making jokes.I dont know when i’ll stop laughing when i start to do so.I can be very sensitive and mean to people who annoy me,a little touchy and suspicious. I have regular mood swings,havent i? I hate it when people spoil my mood by acting cold and moody when i am happy !!! I am a weirdo..

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