jom shopping kat sini.. InHer Closet

In Her Closet is a Pre-loved online store. Some of our stuffs are still brand new with/without tag, and most of the items are hardly worn. Yes..some girls like us just love to just buy and keep them in the wardrobe 😉

We are group of girls who passionate about fashion, just like you. and yes, we bring some good news for you.. we are CLEANING OUT our wardrobes!! the lowest price more than you can imagine.

Check out all of our items ranging from Non-branded clothing to branded clothing such as Topshop, Zara, MNG, Forever 21, etc!! Be among the first to grab those lovelies at the most affordable and cheapest price now! Price starts at RM 8! 🙂

so tunggu ape lagi..?

Jom Shopping…. InHer Closet


  1. teeny tara says:

    NIEJA…Jgn luper bwk2 aku survey and makan2 nnt weh… aku nak nasi kerabu original and nasik ulam tu!!! hahaha salah wall neh.. lol

  2. Nieja Muhaimi says:

    teeny tara :: salah tempat!
    hahahhaha. oke oke no hal.
    harap sempat la bawak ko
    jalan jalan cari makan.

  3. ilah says:

    kalau nak baju size besar sikit you may tgk album poison ivy..
    coz size XS/S ni depend on the owner yang pakai sebelum ni..heheheh 🙂

  4. Nieja Muhaimi says:

    ilah :: k.ilah x buat blog
    ko untuk inhercloset ni?
    tapi xpyh pon ok kot jual kot
    fb jah snang

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